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Spiritual / Transpersonal Hypnosis©

"What if it was possible to find all my answers inside of me?"

  • 3 h 30 min
  • 180 euros
  • Online

Description du service

Have you ever imagined being able to travel inside yourself and discover the memories and resources hidden iside? Past or "inner" lives, transgenerational memories, messages from our higher consciousness, ... hypnosis allows us to explore the mysteries of our consciousness in order to be able to draw from it the understanding that we need today. - A session of Spiritual / Transpersonal Hypnosis® aims to allow you to discover information "resources" hidden until then, important facets of yourself, to help you move forward in your life path, and your questioning of the moment. It is a fascinating experience of exploring the being that you are, your unconscious and your higher consciousness, that is to say the wisest part of you, which we all have. This means that where we are going to go, you and I in the session, neither of us knows in advance or can force it, but rather we will find out. We start from your session subject, then we ask your higher consciousness, thanks to hypnosis, to show you the important information to know to understand this subject and these issues. Will be presented to you, chosen by your consciousness, only what will be most useful to you at the given moment in your evolution and only what you are able to integrate. - Transpersonal Hypnosis®, founded by Séverine Barbier, is a branch of what we called spiritual hypnosis. It is a specialized approach in the exploration of "past" lives but I also like to prefer the term "inner" lives used by the hypnosis trainer Kevin Finnel, which allows to visit these lives even without particular belief. This exploration allows everyone to live a unique experience by detaching themselves for a few hours from their own biography, that is to say your name, your family, your work, which means that today you are you in your own skin. - To do a session, the only contraindication concerns people with psychiatric pathologies, such as bipolarity and schizophrenia, because the hypnotic state is not recommended in this case. ​Example of session topics: ​ • I would like to better understand "my life mission" • I would like to understand the origin of my health problems • I believe that I have experienced trauma in the past or in "past lives" • I have lost my memory of certain events • I would like to overcome fears or blockages • I would like to understand certain relationship patterns in my personal life • I wonder about my professional life • I would like to rece

Politique d'annulation

Pour toute annulation ou report, merci autant que possible de me prévenir au moins 24h à l'avance. Politique de remboursement & échange détaillé : Pour séances payées en ligne & pour les séances avec acomptes payés en ligne : Il n'est pas possible d'annuler la séance, en revanche nous pourrons la décaler à la prochaine date qui vous conviendra. En cas de problème ou question, je vous invite à m'envoyer un mail pour que nous voyons ensemble. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For any cancellation or postponement, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance. Detailed refund & exchange policy: For sessions paid online & for sessions with deposits paid online: It is not possible to cancel the session, however we can move it to the next date that suits you. In case of problem or question, I invite you to send me an email so that we can see together.

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